Authentically You

What does living authentically mean to you? Surely this is a term perceived slightly different by everyone. My interpretation is to let go of the fear of being accepted and that nagging incessant need to constantly please those around you. That when you act with purpose and intention in ways that are cohesively in line with your true self there is undoubtedly a deeper sense of fulfilment and happiness that is bound to follow.

I used to struggle with a disconnect between my actions and my intentions. The person I wanted to be was constantly living in the shadows of the girl who I thought I needed to be. I ignored my inner voice fighting to tell me who I really am, and acted disingenuous against my true nature. I had a fear of not being accepted, so I went with the crowd. I had a strong need to please everyone, so I pursued everyone else’s needs rather than my own.

It got me nowhere. I was unhappy and it showed.

About a year or so ago, my social circle rapidly changed quite drastically. I had a lot of time to reflect upon myself. I knew that something in my day to day routine needed some switching up.

I let go of it all. I stopped caring if my friends thought I was lame for staying in on a Saturday night. I stopped caring that I was always known as the quirky one. I stopped caring and I started embracing it.

The domino effect this can cause is kind of awesome.

All of those qualities I shamefully hid away- the introversion, the anxiety, the depression, the shyness, the homebody, the quirkiness- I let them all come into the light. Instead of trying to change those innate parts of who I am, I accept that that is who I am. I embraced them. I respect and honour those parts of myself because they are what makes me ME. It’s an exceptionally freeing feeling to feel comfortable letting ALL aspects of you shine, even if they aren’t perceived as desirable by the media.

I found that in living an authentic life, I began to attract a completely different crowd. There was suddenly people in my life I could fully be myself around and still feel accepted. I’m surrounded with supportive people on a daily basis and who help enable me to be the truest form of me. It triggered a growing confidence cycle. When I took that first leap to act authentically, my confidence grew because I was happy, fulfilled and felt more myself than I had ever before. These feelings only made my confidence grow more.

Living authentically allows me to live wholeheartedly and with a deep sense of meaning where in the past I have lacked sense of direction and intention.

IMG_3557My authentic life is only just beginning and I am constantly learning more about myself as I grow and change, but I am happy to say I am the happiest I have ever been. And it’s totally possible for you too.

What’s one action you can take towards living a more authentic life? Let me know below!


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