DIY: Rosemary Hair Oil

I love to keep my hair long and as healthy as possible. As of late, I have begun to switch to more natural haircare products, refrain from using heat daily, and getting as many days in as I can before I wash it. I’ve even taken to getting more regular trims and cuts.

The problem with getting more hair more regularly trimmed is that sometimes hairdressers can get a little scissor happy, or sometimes you just plain need more off than you’d like.

That’s where this DIY comes in.

Beyond smelling amazing, rosemary is amazing for the hair – in terms of both growth and health. Rosemary works to both invigorate the scalp and deal with any sort of dry, itchiness and potential dandruff that the dry, cold weather can bring as we head into winter. Invigorating the scalp helps assist with hair growth. For all of us long hair lovers, what could be better! Even if you prefer to keep your hair short and aren’t as concerned with the pace of growth, the luster and shine this treatment helps provide is enough alone to try this easy DIY out.

All you need is fresh rosemary, oil of your choice (I use jojoba as I have finer hair and it is a lighter oil), a glass container to infuse the oil with, and an amber coloured or dark glass bottle to store the oil in.


This is optional (but recommended), but to help get the oils out of the rosemary, I take a rolling pin and roll it over the sprigs, crushing it a bit.


Once that’s done, place a few sprigs of the herb into your glass container and cover with oil. Enough so the sprigs are fully submerged.

rosemary2Seal that baby up and let it sit for a couple of weeks. (I know, waiting sucks. I’m not patient either) Alternatively, if you want to speed up the process, you could use a rosemary essential oil. I probably would have done that too – but somehow in my extremely large (if I do say so myself) essential oil collection I don’t own rosemary.

rosemary5Here is the type of container I store mine in for easy use. This one is on its last legs – perfect timing for my new batch coming up.

When your oil has been sitting at least a week, you can strain the oil and transfer it to your container of choice. Now go ahead and pamper yourself with a scalp massage! I like to do this usually around once a week. A little goes a long way too. I put a few drops in the palm of my hand, warm it up, and using my fingertips, massage my scalp in small circles for about 5-10 minutes. I will take whatever is remaining on my hands and bring it down the shaft of my hair. A few more drops on the ends of my hair to help moisturize the ends, where most of the damage tends to be. rosemary4I let the oil sit in for at least an hour and sometimes will even let it soak in overnight.

The next day my hair is shiny and softer than typical!

There is really so little need to go out and buy chemical filled synthetic hair treatments. This is just the tip of the iceberg, really. You can get so creative!

Now I’m off to go look into some recipes to see how I can use off the rest of my rosemary. Who knows, you might see whatever gets made featured on here or maybe my instagram @NorthofBloom.

If you try this DIY hair treatment, or have a favourite of your own, let me know below!


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