Christmas Wishlist: Wellness Junkie Style

Now that is officially December, I’m sure the Holidays are on most peoples brains. If you’re like me and still haven’t started your shopping, these gift guides I come across online can sure serve as a place of inspiration for the lucky people on the receiving end. To me, the best gifts are those that you can tell a lot of thought went into. Truth be told, I would way rather receive a hand written heartfelt card than a gift card. I guess thats the sentimental part of me coming through. The other best kinds of gifts I love to receive are those things that we would just love to have but can never quite justify. Below I’ve comprised some of those particular products that I like to stare at online but haven’t quite made the decision to splurge yet. If  you happen to know someone in your life that loves natural products, likes supporting local, small businesses and are health conscious, you can see my suggestions below! wishlist1. Bellafusion druzy necklace. Okay, I’m obsessed. I somehow stumbled across Amy’s designs on instagram and fell in love. From the time I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with rocks and gems. My mom even used to take me to lapidary so I could pick things out. I still have a number of those rocks around my house. Now Amy has created beautiful designs I can wear! I love it. Best of all, she’s from the same city as I am. I love local. See more of her jewelry at

2. One Love Organics Merry+Bright Facial Gift Set. Naturally I had to choose a gift set to feature in this post because how on earth could I pick just one or two of One Love Organics products? On top of their awesome packaging and amazing results, what this company stands for is amazing. They are totally aligned with my thoughts and beliefs regarding beauty and health. They even support non-profit organizations that help families. Suzanne, you rock. I personally get most of my OLO products from here. where this set retails for $85.00 (I also have some OLO products on the way that I’ve recently ordered, which I’m sure will deserve a blog post of their own. Excuse me while I check my mailbox for the third time today.)

3. Kjaer Weis Foundation. This is certainly up there in terms of pricing at $76.00. While I haven’t used the product myself yet, this is something I have been eager to try. I have read many reviews on this product and I don’t think I have come across a bad thing yet. This is also available at Eco Diva Beauty.

4. Another beauty from This had to be my favourite design I came across online. It happened to be sold out or I probably would have bought it right then. Truth be told, I think any local jewelry would be an amazing gift to both the designer and the person receiving the gift. My other favourite place to get local jewelry from is Fox and the Robin (click for instagram to see her designs), found here.

5. Yarok hair products. Organic and all natural hair products and 100% vegan. Free of all that nasty stuff we don’t want to use on our bodies. This is another product I admittedly haven’t used but have heard amazing things about. You can find Yarok (which means Green in Hebrew) on Eco Diva Beauty.

6. Wintergreen Essential Oil. I primarily want this oil to flavour my homemade toothpaste something a little different than the peppermint I typically used. Of all the essential oils I own, I own the most DoTerra. They are therapeutic grade, high quality oils that I’ve found a huge difference in quality in comparison to other makes I have tried. You can buy them here, from me!

7. Kjaer Weis Cream Blush. Much like the foundation I mentioned above, this is on the pricier end and definitely a bit of an indulgence. The packaging and the product are so beautiful. Find Kjaer Weis here. 

8. Mun Products. What I like about the No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum is that is only has three ingredients in it. All three of those ingredients are amazing. I think this is a product that could benefit skin at any age, whether you are in your 20’s or your 50’s. If this is a natural product with high quality ingredients that can help even out my complexion, get rid of those dark circles and help combat aging of the skin consider me sold. You can find Mun Skincare here. PS. They have 20% deal going on if you purchase before December 31st!

9. Le Creuset Round French Oven. I love cooking. Well, most days. I love the idea of having this enamelled cast iron round french oven in my kitchen. I love that Le Creuset comes in amazing colours and can add a statement colour or a fun pop of colour to the otherwise monochromatic pots and pans. I love that it would literally last me a lifetime. I can see myself getting oddly attached to something like this, where as my life progresses I get to keep my reliable french oven and haul it around with me from my first house to kids and maybe even grandkids. Plus, cooking with teflon isn’t healthy. Really, google it. I feel much better about using enamelled cast iron in the oven. You can use this on the stove top or in the oven. Perfect, because I love making soup. It’s kind of my thing. Mom, if you’re reading, I’d like it in purple please.

Those are the items that I am currently coveting. What’s on your wish list this season? I hope that if anything this got you thinking and served a bit of inspiration for you. I’m off to spend the rest of my day off studying and avoiding cleaning the kitchen!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist: Wellness Junkie Style

  1. Le Creuset Round French Oven and one of my favorite colors too………………. stirs me up for making some great food


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