On being Self Indulgent

There is something so therapeutic about soaking in a nice bath for me. Quite frequently I take an hour to myself just to relax, and by now I’m sure I’ve gotten my message across on how important I think it is to take time for yourself, whichever way that might be.

Mine quite often just happens to in the bath. While this might not feel like the most lavish way to pamper yourself, the finer details in what you include can make all the difference. Some nights it is just me in the tub with my current book. Other nights I like to put in a little more effort to really feel like I am being treated. It is such a simple, realistic way to escape from the hub bub of the everyday and kind of turn your brain off.

metimeThe essentials I always gravitate toward are some reading material, a cold drink and a candle. This go round, I happen to have an older issue of Darling magazine I never got around to reading, sparkling water (with grapefruit and a slice of lemon served in a mason jar with a Kate Spade straw) and a (fresh) candle. The “Noisetier” (hazelnut) candle by Diptyque happens to be my favourite. I like to reserve it for “special” occasions, even if that happens to be in my bathroom on a Monday evening. I’m a details person. Little things make me happy.


I always take this opportunity to treat my face as well. I do let the steam work its magic opening my pores for a few minutes. Then I indulge in a mini at home facial to combat the dull, congested skin winter brings with it. I received this sample (and various other Tata Harper samples) in my  Eco Diva Beauty order. I have never used anything by this brand but really liked what the company is about. The cute faux polaroid packaging didn’t hurt either. So cute! metime5This is how the back of the sample packaging read. I’m loving everything I see here. I can totally stand behind a product and company that puts this much effort into their products. It’s nice to see products that are truly a reflection of the creators core values. Especially when they match up with my own. The mask is a gentle beta hydroxy peel. It gives the same results you’d get from a glycolic peel without the irritation and redness that follows from the glycolic acid. It claims to accelerate cellular renewal, help with blemishes, minimize pores, smooth the skin and give you the glow that we all want. Or at least I do. The mask, which is a gel like consistency, is recommended to stay on 20-30 minutes and can even be used as a spot treatment for problem areas. Given that this is the first time using this product I can’t say too much about it, but my initial impression has been good enough to want to use this product again and discover more Tata Harper products.
metime2After I’ve had a bit of a read I like to use some sort of scrub or treatment. Tonight I chose a Diptyque soap that I received as a gift. Initially when I received it I didn’t even want to dunk it into the water. I kind of just wanted it to stay on the side looking pretty and unused. Something about it seems so luxurious, which makes it perfect for nights like this. It’s definitely not my everyday soap. I followed up with this new scrub. It is the Vitamin C Body Polish by Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics. I’m kind of having a love affair with this company at the moment. I have yet to try a product by them that I don’t absolutely love. This stuff smells AMAZING. It is an amazing tropical-I-want-to-eat-this scent. If I close my eyes I might think I’m back in Hawaii. Or Bali. Or somewhere even better. I can already tell this is going to be a saviour for my skin as we get deeper into winter.

metime3Here is my secret trick to not overheating in the bath. Considering I do typically spend an hour (or more) here this essential oil blend by doTerra helps me keep my sanity and I don’t feel the urge to abandon ship after 10 minutes due to overheating. It is a blend of wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, roman chamomile, basil and rosemary. On top of the cooling effects a swipe on the back of my neck and on my temples provides, the name of this blend says it all. This blend helps you say goodbye to tension and sink deeper into that relaxation mode we all crave after a long day.

It doesn’t have to be hard to squeeze time in for ourselves. I know that I am often guilty in feeling like I have no time for little pleasures such as this, but I truly think creating a balance between work and pleasure is key to happiness (and maybe my sanity too).

Whatever you end up doing, I urge you to ditch the cellphone during this time. Allow yourself to disconnect from work, your social life and social media in general. It’s okay to be self indulgent. Use the time to connect with yourself, reflect and decompress. Tap into your thoughts and realign your priorities, your goals, practice gratitude and really seize the opportunity to be kind to ourselves.

We are deserving of self love, even if it comes in the form of a bubble bath.

What is your favourite way to take time for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


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