New Joy from Old Joy

I felt like I had hit a bump in the road in terms of my goal of supporting small businesses and shopping locally (as possible) for my Christmas gifts this season. I was stumped for ideas and growing more and more frustrated at my lack of progress getting my gift shopping done. The absolute last thing I wanted to end up doing was having to brave a busy mall but I was nearly ready to throw in the towel. I was browsing Nordstrom online thinking if I did in fact have to end up at the mall maybe I could get everything at one stop in one full swoop. I was browsing the diptyque candles, which admittedly I love, when I recalled seeing some kind of gorgeous homemade candles through a friend on instagram. Light Bulb! And for the record, if my mind associates some with diptyque that probably means they’re pretty awesome.

This particular friend of mine has an extremely good sense of taste and style. I can’t recall her posting a single photo that hasn’t been stunning and that I didn’t want to click “like” on. She is kind of an inspiration to me without evening realizing it. Ah, the beauty (or creepiness) of social media. 

I recalled briefly scrolling through her feed seeing a gift box that featured the candles (which trigged this memory) by a company called Old Joy Gift Boxes. I went on a hunt through her feed and wound up finding the website for Old Joy.

The assembly of the products were stunning and packed with such attention to detail. They were locally sourced, hand picked products. There was so much thought and care put into these gift boxes I literally couldn’t resist.

I had been shopping in particular for someone I was having trouble coming up with any idea at all that I felt pleased with. Sometimes you just feel like people have everything already, or if they wanted it, surely they would just go out and get it because they have the means to.

When I browsed through Old Joy Gift Boxes website, I knew I had found exactly what I had been looking for.

oldjoyI chose The Contessa for my recipient, which contains an array of skincare, chocolates, a gorgeous candle, vintage item, and various handmade goodies packed with either fresh or dried (if shipped) flowers in what appears to be a beautiful homemade wooden box.

I was so excited to purchase the gift boxes I didn’t bother to read the FAQ that noted the company only shipped to Vancouver area. Calgary = not Vancouver Area. Oops.

Now for the best part of the whole experience.

I thought that I had screwed up not bothering to read the FAQ. I immediately got a hold of the company letting them be aware of my mistake so I could be directed on how to move forward. Because I still had my hopes up, I asked if it was possible to be sent to the next Province over. The response I got from Melissa was near immediate. Thankfully, she was also extremely accommodating. Together her and I worked out a deal so that I could have my order shipped to me. Not only did she go out of her way to make the arrangements for the delivery, she even prompted me with a few questions to help tailor the gift boxes to the best of her ability for the recipient.

I work for a company that is very heavily customer experience and satisfaction based. We place a huge priority of customer service. The last 4.5 years of this has ingrained an unintentional awareness with the type of service I both give and receive. The service I received from Melissa of Old Joy Gift Boxes was nothing short of incredible. It is truly not every day you find someone so dedicated and passionate about their work and all the aspects that come along with it.

Her responsiveness, willingness to please and accommodating nature are the reason why I feel so compelled to share with you Old Joy Gift Boxes. No question went unanswered. She was prompt in both responding and shipping out the package, and friendly throughout the whole process. My package came wrapped securely (really, really secure) and FAST. An impatient girls dream.

Interactions like this, whether with a stranger or not make me really feel the Christmas Spirit. I feel so appreciative of kindness and generosity people display that I can’t help but revel in the holiday spirit, which is good, because it makes 6 hours of Christmas music everyday at work tolerable.

It is the kind of present that I get excited and near giddy with anticipation to give, which is the way it should be if you ask me. It is the kind of present that appears like so much thought went into it, and truth be told that bears extremely true in all areas of the gift box. From the carefully selected product’s production, to packaging and arranging the box, to even me searching the internet endlessly in hopes of finding the perfect gift, thought was put into every part of this gift. The beautiful part about that is if your brain has turned into mush from all of the holiday chaos, Melissa and Old Joy has you covered if you’re searching for a gift that screams thoughtfulness.

Regardless of whether or not the receiver has the same reaction as I do over these gift boxes, I love giving both high quality and well thought out products all while supporting a Mom-turned-business-Lady along the way. Anybody who follows their heart and lets their passion come to life is an inspiration to me.

If you are still shopping for your loved ones, and happen to be in Western Canada (Or Beyond? Please talk to Old Joy for delivery ranges and rates) please be sure to check out these impressive presents. Not only will the boxes be sure to please and impress, you will be dealing with an extremely lovely lady and help support her doing what she loves.

Leave me a message if you have stumbled across any great gifts this year!


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