beach bag essentials

Traveling is my absolute favourite way to feed my soul, and I’m beyond lucky I have a boyfriend who knows me well and recognizes this and spoiled me with a vacation for Christmas.

Normally I prefer the backpacking style of trip: getting to travel around for extended lengths of time, visiting multiple new places and have busy days spent exploring and getting familiarized with the culture. However, both Dan and I have been talking about how we want a vacation to simply relax and do not a whole lot of anything besides be in a beautiful place in the sunshine.

That said, there is bound to be plenty of beach time when we arrive in Maui.


While many of these items may be straight forward, I hope they at least give you some ideas for natural products you can take to the beach and leave the chemical filled ones behind.


Sunscreen: Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen: SPF 30 protection that I use on my face. It is a non-greasy formula that’s easy to rub in which isn’t always the case when it comes to natural sunscreens. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide help block UVA and UVB rays, and on top of this the sunscreen is formulated with nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and grape seed oil that help protect your skin. One of my favourite aspects is there is a slight tint to help even out skin tone. I myself have a bit of discolouration going on and while I certainly don’t feel the need to wear make up to the pool or beach, the bit of tint helps even out my complexion. I initially heard of this product from Joyous Health I don’t think I have come across a negative review for this product yet and will have to say I agree with the name that is in fact the perfect sunscreen! I purchased mine from Eco Diva Beauty (click to visit). For my body I picked up Goddess Organic Organics Sunny Body Natural Suncreen SPF 30 from Whole Foods. Again it is a mineral lotion which is also biodegradable with is great. So far so good with this product. (on the parts of my body I didn’t neglect that is)


Sunnies: Ray Ban RB 3025 Aviator with flash orange lenses. Any sunglasses will do, I just think this pair is fun. Help protect your sensitive eye area from harmful UV rays with cute sunnies. Kind of a necessity anyways on bright days when you want to actually be able to keep from squinting to keep your eyes open anyways.


Hat: My floppy hat is from Brandy Melville. I chose to bring something with a wide brim to help keep the sun off my face. Hats aren’t always the easiest things to pack as it’s so easy for them to get misshapen but they’re definitely worth it. See my bit of a sunburn? Oops. A post coming on that later. Lets just say I was a little too eager to get outside on my first day and neglected the top half of my back. Thankfully it was just that area. bbe6

Something to entertain: Whether it’s music on your iPod, a magazine, a novel or even a sudoku book, I’m someone who likes to have a bit of entertainment while I’m relaxing by the beach or pool. This time in particular I toted along an older issue of Darling Magazine I’m currently reading. I talked a bit about my love for Darling in my last post (click to see.) Print is usually easier in the sun than an e-reader (I use the kindle app on my iPad). If I get lazy and tired of awkwardly holding my arms up trying to get comfortable readying, I’ll switch to my audiobooks on my iPhone audible app (next level nerd status – I just find listening to books a bit more engaging than music sometimes)


Hydration: Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioned water. If I had the ability to only offer one piece of advice it would be to make sure you’re intaking enough (quality) water! I use the equation of  taking my body weight in pounds, dividing it in half and aiming to consume that many ounces. However I tweak this in certain circumstances, for example increasing on days spent in the sun.  We run the risk of getting dehydrated with prolonged sun exposure. A note that I don’t prefer plastic water bottles but in a pinch its the best I had.


Lips: Salt water from the ocean always dries my lips out. On top of this the skin on our lips is thin and susceptible to burning too, so I try to keep the hydrated. I like Sierra Bees in particular because they are budget friendly, organic, and have great ingredients. I pick mine up on In retrospect I probably would have tried to pick one up with SPF, so I did just use a bit of my Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen on my lips too to help keep them from burning.


Sarong: I usually always bring a sarong to the beach in place of a towel. Mine is from a market in Thailand. I love that  it’s lightweight, is multi purpose and doesn’t hold sand like a towel does.


*Bag from Market in Ubud, Bali


Did I miss anything? Let me know what you keep on hand for your days spent soaking up the sun!


3 thoughts on “beach bag essentials

  1. Thankfully my vacation days on the beach, in the sunshine have been spent with my beautiful daughter who always has her camera in the beach bag. She too likes to take along a sarong and finds it useful to wrap the camera in. As you mentioned the sarong doesn’t hold the sand and the camera is accessible for snapping a quick picture.

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