Healthy Grocery Haul

Do you guys ever cross over from the blogosphere to Youtube Land? Confession Time: I watch a lot of YouTube. Below is a video sharing what I picked up today at my favourite health food store. Perhaps not everyones cup of tea, I love watching grocery haul videos for inspiration when it comes to food. I find I get stuck in a rut and end up always picking up the same ingredients, and this is a good way to stir things up and switch up my routine.

I thought it would be a fun switch up to post a video as opposed to writing out the actual products I wanted to share with you today! Not going to lie, the Youtubers and Vloggers make it look a whole lot easier in front of the camera. The video isn’t perfect but I hope it at least gives you some ideas of what to pick up the next time you are out. If you happen to have any questions about the ingredients and items I picked up, regarding the use or benefits or whether I’d recommend them please let me know!


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