20 Facts about Me

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The lack of sleep I’ve been getting the past two weeks is finally catching up with me today. Unfortunately, sleep issues are nothing new to me. Coming home from Hawaii with the bit of a time difference seemed to really mess up my sleep schedule and I’ve been struggling to fall asleep at a decent hour since. Combined with my busy schedule I’m feeling particularly worn out today. I’ve been walking around in a sleepy stupor most of the day and being productive has been a struggle. With my messy house and school and everything else I’m sure there’s lots I could be doing but the only thing I really felt like doing is writing a blog post. It’s kind of awesome that I can be feeling run down, laying in bed and still be able to connect to you all on some level. That said, my top posts to read when I am exploring all of your lovely blogs are the posts where I get to learn more about the person behind the screen. I figured I’m not alone in that nosey curiosity, so let’s deviate from our normal talk of holistic goodness, natural health and nourishing eats. We all know already how much I love all of that. Today I’m sharing with you all 20 facts about me! hawaii 1. I’m currently drinking miso soup out of a pretty teacup, because why not.

2. Speaking of miso, Japan is high on my list of places to travel although I am trying to deviate from Asia for 2015 because my last 3 adventures have all been (mostly) there. (Indonesia & Singapore 2014, Thailand 2012 and Turkey 2011.) ubud In Ubud, Bali 2014

3. The older I get the more of my parents I start to see in myself, which is hilarious because it’s mostly the qualities that drove me nuts growing up, like going crazy over people not tucking the kitchen table chairs in and hating crumbs on the counter (Dad) to seeing something I want to buy and brainstorming how I could possibly make it instead, regardless of what it is: furniture, jewellery, food, art etc. (Mom).

4. For as long as I can remember all I’ve wanted is a beautiful home to decorate myself exactly how I want. I work in new home sales and sometimes when I am helping people design their kitchens or talking about all the possibilities with them it’s a really big tease being stuck in a rental where I don’t have control over certain aspects. I really want to incorporate some home stuff on here because I love it so much!

5. As bad as I want number 4, I’m not ready to settle down in a long term home right now because I plan to move somewhere from the city I grew up in for the sake of experience and to try something new.

6. I’ve had horrible sleep issues for as long as I can remember back and they only seem to be getting worse as time progresses. It takes me hours to fall asleep and I struggle to stay asleep every single night.

7. I’m also crazy particular about my bed and in fits of frustration will get up in the middle of the night to remake my bed because the blanket was crooked or the sheets weren’t tight etc. Once I notice it it’s truly not something I can ignore till it’s fixed!

8. I used to be painfully shy when I was younger to the point where I would hide behind my moms leg if someone tried to speak to me or pretty much even look at me. In general I wouldn’t classify myself as a shy person anymore, although sometimes I feel that little girl come back again. Other times I feel like she never existed.

9. People mistake me being really introverted for being shy. Two very different things people.

10. I can look back on my childhood/teenage years and think of three particular friends that were the most influential and helped shape the person I am today. I’m not particularly close with any of them anymore, but I still feel grateful they helped lead me to where I am today.

11. The best, most memorable times I’ve had have all happened while travelling the world and I think about my adventures both new and old everyday and hope to one day share them on this blog. australia Skydiving over Mission Beach, Australia 2010

12. You’d be hard pressed to ever find me watching TV and even though I do follow a couple TV shows if they got taken away from me I wouldn’t be too bothered by it.

13. I have chronic cold feet and hands to the point where I think I annoy people around me from complaining about it so much.

14.  I struggle between wanting to stand up for myself and not wanting to be perceived as a b-word and that makes me sad. It’s unfortunate that they go hand in hand.

15. I love surrounding myself with people that inspire me, whether thats people I know in real life or even over the computer. I spent a lot of time and energy on toxic friendships a couple years back and spent a couple lonely years in between and am now so pleased and proud of the people I have the privilege of calling my friends. pdangpdang Me and my best friend somewhere along our travels mid 2014

16. I think ketchup is repulsive and I can’t even stand the smell of it. Mustard all the way.

17. I think I burn my tongue every single time I make a cup of tea. Patience is not one of my strong suits.

18. I’ve never been particularly bad but I think autocorrect is making my spelling worse. Am I the only one??

19. I have recurring dreams about my teeth crumbling and breaking and falling out of my mouth. um.. what?!!!

20. It was a serious struggle to choose facts that didn’t make myself sound like a right weirdo and I’m not even sure if I succeeded at that. But make no mistake, I have no shame for being quirky and weird and the better you know me the more you will know this to be true.

And an extra fact because why not…

21. I went hiking in the rain once and seriously had the best time ever, so when it started raining while I was at the beginning of a long hike (27 hours total) I was totally optimistic and thought again it was possible I was going to have the best time ever again. Nope. I was seriously wrong and freezing cold for the next two nights and three days. On the upside, I at least have a good story about That Miserable Time I Climbed a Volcano and truth be told I don’t regret it one bit. rinjani At least the views were worth it. I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. I’d love to know a little bit more about you too! Leave a comment telling me a fact about yourself!


10 thoughts on “20 Facts about Me

  1. Awww lovely post! So great to get to know you a little better. I don’t know what to say about those teeth dreams you’re having…your teeth look so beautiful and strong in all your pictures! Hehe, looks like you’ve done some good travelling, that’s really inspiring. I would love to do more travelling. Hope you’re feeling better, xoxo.


  2. Wow, I’m so excited to see a photo of you in Bali, Indonesia. I’m from Indonesia. How was your vacation in Bali?


      1. That’s great! I’m from Java island. I have a friend with a house and rooms to rent for tourists in Bali. So if you go back someday, let me know. 🙂


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