Everyday Makeup Essentials


It took a long time for me to put together enough natural, clean products to have a full face everyday.

There’s a bit more trial and error and research that goes into buying more natural cosmetics. There’s very minimal regulation with what can be sold so we have to do a bit of our own legwork when it comes to cosmetics to make sure we’re not being dubbed by marketing and the ingredients are potentially harmful. Without compromising efficiency of the product, I took my time putting together products that had high quality ingredients and performed well. I like to check Environmental Working Group’s Skindeep database for a little more insight into ingredients in products. You can enter in the name of your product and see how toxic it really is so it’s super handy.

How clean (or toxic) are your cosmetics? Check the EWG database to see by clicking here.

I finally feel like I have enough products worthy of sharing for any of you currently going through a similar transition or are just curious and maybe wanting something new!

My favourite shop to pick up new cosmetics and skincare is Eco Diva Beauty. Click here to check them out!  

I’m still figuring this whole video thing out, but in the meantime, enjoy!

Products Mentioned (with my particular shades and colours):

Jane Iredale: Jane Iredale Online

  • GlowTime Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream in shade #5
  • PureLash Mascara in Onyx Black
  • PurePressed Base Mineral powder foundation in warm silk

Elate Cosmetics: Elate Cosmetics Online

  • Eyeshadow in shades Earthen, Lumen, Lithe
  • Elate Creme Lipstick in shade Tantric

Eminence Organic Skin Care: Beauty Sense

  • Mineral Illuminator Blush in Chai Berry

Tata Harper: EcoDivaBeauty

  • Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint in Very Sweet

ecobrow: EcoDivaBeauty

  • Ecobrow defining wax in Marilyn

Vapour Organic Beauty: EcoDivaBeauty

  • Illusionist Concealer in shade 050 (I use this for contour)

RMS: the detox market

  • Living Luminizer highlight

Zuzu Luxe: Vita Save

  • Liquid Eyeliner in Taureg


6 thoughts on “Everyday Makeup Essentials

  1. Love the video! You are so gorgeous! I really like this format, seeing the product while you describe it. Great post! Xo


  2. Hi! Loved the video! Im also in the process of ‘clean’ing up my makeup routine…I don’t see the list of the products you featured in the video? Can you list them and the color you have? Thanks so much:)


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