Diet Challenges

Remember this post?

In it I discussed my frustration toward a health issue I had been dealing with coming on two years now. I toiled with the idea of accepting my MD’s offer of a prescription for a muscle relaxant despite knowing it was just a mask for my symptoms. The way my quality of life was suffering got me to a point of desperation where I was willing to overlook all of the questions I hadn’t received an answer for from my doctor. As someone who (strongly) believes in enabling our bodies to heal themselves as naturally as possible and always seeking the root cause of the issue, I was struggling to find a balance between trying to heal my body naturally and resorting to prescription medication.

Turns out the prescription didn’t work for me, and when I went back to the doctor to explain this her solution was to just try a different muscle relaxant with “worst side effects”. I didn’t bother filling my prescription as I was already struggling with side effects from the first trial of muscle relaxants.

Months later with the issue still persisting and symptoms continuously getting worse I decided to go a new route I hadn’t yet tried by scheduling an appointment with a Naturopath.

The appointment was yesterday and I am happy to say it’s the first time I’ve actually gotten answers to my questions and feel hopeful that what I’ve been dealing with wouldn’t be long term.

The ND was confident that the issue I was dealing with was an overgrowth of Candida. This wasn’t a huge surprise to me. Learning about it in school I resonated with a lot of the symptoms. My history with antibiotics made it totally feasible. I just wasn’t sure that this issue and my bladder were interrelated, but the ND was confident I would see relief of my symptoms – bladder included – when treating the Candida.

She has started me on a fairly restrictive diet to help rebalance my healthy gut flora in proper ratio to the candida. Prior to the appointment, I had planned to film a “what I ate today” video on youtube. I was thrown for a bit of a curveball when I looked over the Candida Diet. I felt a bit like a lost puppy at the grocery store. The fruit and starchy vegetables have temporarily been removed from my diet are the two biggest challenges I feel I am up against. I am not someone who has dairy often and limits my gluten intake to very occasional so that aspect of the diet wasn’t quite as overwhelming to me.

To be honest I was feeling a bit bummed out at the prospect of 1-2 months of following the diet. I was (and am) absolutely willing to do so if it means finally feeling healthy and vibrant again, but I felt really daunted by the challenge.

I decided to film the video anyway, adhering to the diet as much as possible. There is multiple different variations of the Candida Diet online, and I definitely have a bit of a learning curve to deal with in regards to the foods I should be avoiding and limiting.

The video itself is not to discuss Candida or
my new but temporary diet plan. The intent of this blog post is that although there are some pretty intense restrictions, there are definitely ways to still have tasty and satisfying food without deviating from the diet. I decided to see the next month or possibly two as a fun challenge to see what kind of tasty recipes I can come up with while still sticking to the diet. I fully intend to stick with it as strictly as I can because truth be told I am so ready to have all these issues dealt with. The closer you adhere to the diet, the quicker the relief of symptoms should occur.

The cravings can become particularly bad I’ve been warned, so wish me and my willpower luck!

For more information on Candida, this youtube video is quick and full of good information: click here to view.


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