Company Spotlight: Sweet Living Co.

A while back I spent an evening with a friend shopping through a local market called Market Collective that periodically pops up in my city. It’s one of the trendier markets I’ve been too and dangerous for my wallet. True story – I tried to be good and took out only a certain amount of cash to spend and ended up revisiting the bank machine (multiple) times because I kept coming across things I just couldn’t say no to.

I love shopping at Markets – there’s no where else you will find as much heart put into products and find people so passionate about what they do – so it was no surprise when I came upon Sweet Living Company, a passionate hobby turned business in November of 2014.

I was immediately drawn in to Sweet Living Co.’s stall when I saw it was natural, homemade small batch skincare with locally sourced ingredients.

The creator of the family run business, Melissa, was launching her heirloom collection the weekend I visited Market Collective. The collection featured the coolest concept with back to basics family recipes passed down through generations of women in the family.

The products feature locally sourced ingredients selectively chosen from farms that implement sustainable practices. The packaging even features vintage photos of some of these women which I thought was such a cool touch to an already cool concept of making old recipes new again.

From Sweet Living Company’s website: “These products are handcrafted with joy and is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates and petroleum-based ingredients. Our natural anti-aging ingredients are selected based on their purity and their potency. Our products are never tested on animals, only friends.”

I figured if anything, Melissa’s own skin was a testament to how great her products were and decided to pick up a few products from her range that I felt were a good foundation to get a feel for how my skin reacted with her products.

I picked up three total – the Glacial Clay & Sea Mineral Fresh Mask, the Lavender & Perilla Clarifying Facial Serum and the Lush Neroli and Carrot Seed Beauty Cream. Glacial Clay & Sea Mineral Fresh Mask:

SLC1 I chose this mask in particular to help rid my skin of impurities with the intent of using it weekly. It has an earthy smell with a pepperminty element to it, so it is naturally cooling when you put it on too which I love. This has become my go to mask whenever I am experiencing breakouts. A lot of masks made to tackle blemishes can be drying, but with ingredients like local raw honey and aloe vera, this mineral rich mask leaves my face feeling both deeply clean and hydrated.

Taken from Sweet Living Company’s website: “This is a fantastic mask for adult and hormonal acne-prone skin! Absorbs impurities without over-drying. Rich in skin-healing minerals, including magnesium and sulphur (the beauty mineral). Naturally antibacterial. Supports the formation of healthy collagen and elastin” SLC3 Lavender & Perilla Clarifying Facial Serum: SLC2 This serum has become a part of my nightly routine and I love that despite it being a serum made with various oils, it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it feeling supple and hydrated. You only need a couple of drops to treat your whole face, so despite having the bottle for around 2 months, I’ve barely made a dent in it.

From Sweet Living Company’s website: “Nine nourishing oils, carefully selected for their high Antioxidant, Essential Fatty Acid and Phyto-nutrient content, help heal and prevent hormonal breakouts. This balancing formula absorbs quickly, leaving a soft, hydrated and glowing complexion. Created for all skin types, and especially good for those with sensitive skin” slc4

Lush Neroli and Carrot Seed Beauty Cream:

slc5 I immediately loved this face cream upon trying it at Melissa’s booth because of the mousse like texture and light natural citrusy smell. Regardless of size, this product was definitely worth every penny for me and like the serum, you only need the smallest amount. Despite being little, I still have a considerable amount of product left considering I use it on a near everyday basis for the past two months.

From Sweet Living Company’s website: “Richly formulated with high-vitamin oils, this rejuventaing face cream assists in removing toxins and water build-up in the skin, giving it a fresher, firmer appearnace. Carrot Seed and Neroli oils are reknowned for improving the complexion, diminishing fine lines and fading scars. This grass-fed tallow cream is very nourishing for skin and helps restore moisture and replenish the essential fatty acids that decrease in production as we age.” slc6

I’ll admit that at first I was totally suckered in by Melissa’s handmade packaging and concept, but the products are so much more than just a pretty package. After my couple months use I fully recommend Sweet Living Company’s products.

If you’re into natural skin care and are into supporting small business creating products with passion, Sweet Living Company is available online and at local markets if you are in the Calgary area:

PS: If you’re still on the hunt for a Mother’s Day Gift, Melissa has created adorable Beauty Boxes featuring her best selling products.


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  1. This stuff looks amazing! Cutest packing and impressive ingredients. Mmm mmm, might have to give that mask a try. Lovely review Brittany 🙂

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