a lesson from the seasons: fall to do list

Fall is in full swing where I live. Change is literally in the air and I always welcome this fleeting season with open arms because the transition in season always feels like a new beginning to me.

I spent most of this Summer balancing things I had to do like work and dealing with buying/moving into our new house, which didn’t leave a lot of room to dedicate to things that simply make me happy just for the sake of happiness.

Now that my new home feels (mostly) settled, and before we say goodbye to the last burst of colour Mother Nature gives us, I want to make an effort to appreciate the season while it’s here. Applying the autumnal transition to my own life is an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on where I have been focusing my energy and spending my time in an effort to switch things up for a bit more balance and happiness.


It’s so easy to get caught up in that daily grind we’re all subjected to. I’m guilty of falling into a cycle where I try to squeeze everything I need to do in that two days I have off work because often times at the end of a workday I already feel spent and tackling everything else just isn’t going to happen. My own relaxation and happiness takes a back burner to all my daily obligations, and despite falling into that same routine over and over I am quite certain that I want my life to be more than just the sum of my daily obligations.


Learning to listen to myself and figuring out those little things that make me tick helps me recognize the ways I get fulfilment and happiness out of life so I can maintain a balance going forward. Making time for these little things that make us happy and perhaps serve no further purpose than this aren’t fruitless or trivial but actually help me feel more present in all other aspects of my life and allow me to put my best self forward rather than the worn out, tired person who is thinking about all the things I’d rather be doing. When I let my job and all other not-so-fun obligations take up all my mental space, I burn out in all aspects of my life.


So with all this said, I plan to make an effort to appreciate the crisp air of change fall brings us and implement some of that into my own life:

Fall to do list pic.

  • Spend more time in the mountains. The mountains are my happy place and beyond that, they are seriously stunning this time of year.
  • Carve pumpkins, because I am sucker for traditions and this has always been one of my favourite things to do
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving! I try to practice gratitude every single day, but Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday (Sorry Christmas) and even though I will be spending the actual day at work, I hope to at least find sometime to spend with my loved ones.
  • Make the delicious raw pumpkin-maple pie with baked oat crust from the Oh She Glows cookbook with my good friend. We made this last year and it quickly became my favourite fall dessert. It is SO good!
  • Spend more time doing Yoga. I always aspire to dedicating more time to yoga but it’s just one of those things always gets bumped from my to do list when something comes up. Now that I have moved I can literally see a yoga studio from my balcony, which will help serve as a reminder to take the time for myself to do something I enjoy. (And though my home is little, my yoga mat still rolls out nicely on my living room floor – so I really have no excuse)


  • Pay more attention to this Blog! Just like yoga, my blog is something that easily gets bumped from my daily to do list and I just don’t know why I let that happen because my blog helps keep me grounded when everything begins to feel a little to chaotic. I think it’s so important to find some sort of outlet, whether running, working out, painting, writing …. whatever helps clear your head and makes you feel a little bit more centered with yourself, do it!
  • Reading. Reading/Books in general are my first love. This is my oldest past time and my favourite past time because what else allows you to quiet the noise from the world outside your head like getting lost in a good book? Much like the others, I struggle to find the time to sit down and let myself read without getting distracted, but I deserve that time to just unwind and I plan on allowing myself to do just that.


  • Study. Schoolwork took a real back burner this summer when all the stress of mortgages and movings boxes took over my days. I honestly enjoy what I study, which is a refreshing thing to be able to say. I hope to be able to dedicate a bit of time each morning to my studies as not only is it helping me progress toward my end goal of finishing, studying holistic nutrition also helps set the tone for my day and motivates me to be mindful of my own health
  • Say yes more! I am such a homebody that sometimes it gets the better of me. I have a tendency of just wanting to hide out at home but before too long find myself feeling lonely and disconnected. I have a great group of girlfriends who always help me feel a bit better than when I felt prior to seeing them and I need to remind myself of this next time I feel like staying in.
  • Switch over to more seasonal produce. Focus on all things delicious created by the help of apples, squashes, root vegetables. I’ve so enjoyed reaping the benefits of people clearing out their gardens for the year but fall is one of my favourite times to get creative in the kitchen.


We don’t necessarily need to wait for the seasons to change to take the time to reflect on our lives and where they are at, but Fall always just feels like the perfect time to do so with the helpful nudge from Mother Nature

What are you planning to do this Fall?


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