Current Favourites: Natural Hair Care

A little over a month ago, I chopped my hair off. This was a dramatic change for me because I have worn my hair long majority of my life and it had become a sort of security blanket for me in a sense. I actually toiled for months back and forth prior to cutting my hair and when I felt I had finally made a decision, I didn’t tell anyone because I would have been so easily talked about of it.


I think it’s is a good idea for every girl to experiment with different hairstyles and lengths. While I maybe went a little too short too fast, I’m a least comforted by the fact that hair grows back and even though I’ve been wearing a lot of ponytails lately partially due to the fact my hairdresser and I may have had a slight miscommunication (ahem… several inches shorter than I intended/not entirely the “lob” I was after), it’s all just temporary before it reaches a length again I can wear down and actually enjoy and style to my own preference.


After a big chop you’ll either question why you didn’t do it sooner or question why do you did it at all, and because I’m on the latter side of that I’ve been treating my hair with a bit of extra TLC to help it do it’s thing and grow.

Of course nutrition and how we feed our bodies has a major impact on things like hair growth (read my post for EcoDivaBeauty here: The Best Natural Supplements for Hair Growth) but products do play a part in the health, look and strength of our hair.

Here are my top, natural hair care products carefully selected for their amazing ingredients that help maintain the health of my head all the way from my scalp to the ends of my strands:


Shampoo / Conditioner:


Natural shampoo and conditioners can be tricky to get used to as they don’t lather like you’re probably used to. Admittedly this has been a bit of a hit or miss for me (and greenwashing certainly doesn’t help) but I have been using Calia shampoos and conditioners for a while now (I just finished up my third pair of shampoo/conditioner) and have no intention of switching.

I picked up a bottle of Andalou Naturals in a pinch when I couldn’t get my hands on Calia and I’ve been happy with it so far too.



Neals Yard Remedy Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment: I run this cream to oil through my hair once a week to help moisturize and nourish my hair.

One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder: This stuff is truly a lifesaver when you are trying to go a day or two between shampoos. Excess shampoo leads to stripping the natural oils and moisture out of hair, a no no for healthy long longs. This dry shampoo not only helps me avoid the excess shampoo, it also allows me to cut back on the amount I use a blow dryer and heat tools afterwards to style my hair again and again. As an added bonus it helps add texture to my hair that helps give it volume and the tousled hair I’m after.


Yarok Feed Your Ends leave in conditioner: With my long hair I was able to wear it natural, throw it in a bun, a braid, a pony tail… etc. to quickly style my hair and avoid using heat tools on a daily basis. Now that it’s so much shorter, there’s not a ton I can do besides my little nub of a pony tail to avoid heat.  I use this leave in conditioner to help protect form heat damage that can lead to breakage which is the last thing I want right now.


Apple Cider Vinegar: This is probably the most simple, yet most effective product I use on my hair. I keep mine in a spray bottle so I can conveniently spray from root to tip in the shower. Having shorter hair has led me to use more styling products. ACV helps break down build up on the scalp and hair which leads to shiny, smooth and soft hair.

Yarok Feed my Youth hair and scalp treatment: This treatment only needs to be left in for 10 minutes, so I can easily put it on my scalp, give a quick massage, make my bed, brush my teeth and hop into the shower to start my day. I think we often forget about our scalp when thinking about our hair but the health of our scalp plays a big role in the growth of our hair.

Even though in the end I didn’t exactly fall in love with my new hair, I was able to feel good about the whole thing as I had enough hair (and then some) to donate to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. If you are considering giving yourself a chop and have 8 + inches of hair, I highly recommend donating your locks to help make someone else’s life a little brighter who is going through a hard time. (I choose Pantene Beautiful Lengths because they do not make women pay for the wigs. Some hair donation organizations do)


Not going to lie, I was a little shocked when I learnt hair only grows an average of 1/4-1/2 inch a month. Makes me wonder how I ever was able to grow mine out in the first place. (I guess this is a good time to practice the patience my mother claims I don’t have.) What’s your favourite hair care secret or product?


5 thoughts on “Current Favourites: Natural Hair Care

  1. Coconut oil is my go to! Though for me it’s not only what I put on my hair but how I nourish my body. I’ve had long hair for all of my life. One day I stood in the mirror and chopped it all off. Kind of like tinkerbell! It was awesome and I loved it. It’s back to about three inches from my waist. It took four years, but I cut several inches off during that time. I love my hair long and I love it completely short! Good for you for trying something new. Cheers, Koko


  2. You have the most gorgeous hair ever so I instantly trust your recommendations! I’ve really enjoyed the OLO and Yarok products but haven’t tried the rest! I look forward to giving a few of them a try. That’s really awesome that you donated your hair. It takes a lot of guts to cut it all off, you look great in a lob! 😉 xo

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  3. I have been growing my hair out. And then the grays started showing up more than I liked. So I did the research and henna was the answer. In salon and box dyes, there is a lot of toxic chemicals that not only destroy your hair, but cause cancer. So I ordered the henna online, used two packages due to my length. My guy who cuts my hair for me, a trim every other month mixed the coconut oil and apple cider vinegar with the powder, heated it up and applied it for me. Color is fabulous and my hair feels really soft. I use the argon oil mix during the colder months to keep my ends from getting dried out. Rinse my hair after shampoo with apple cider vinegar as well. Not planning any big chop because I always wanted my hair really long and my guy braids it for me. I like that I have so many styling options that I didn’t have when my hair was short. I hated it hanging in my face during that awkward growing out phase.


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