goodbye 2015, hello 2016

I hope you have all had a great start to 2016! I know not everyone is fans of setting resolutions, but I hope at least you all are looking forward to making 2016 exactly what you want it to be.

I have lots of projects, goals and just general “things” I want to accomplish this year and I’ve been using this first week of 2016 to hit the ground running and waste no time. (and for the record, I am definitely that person that sets not only resolutions, but intentions, and goals. Lots of them). New Years is one of my favourite time of years because I love a good fresh start and the potential that comes with it. I know I shouldn’t wait for a certain time to act on all those goals and projects I have floating around in my head, but I see no harm in really capitalizing on a New Year and all the ambition that comes with it.

As one last goodbye to 2015, here are my favourite things I made use of or discovered over the course of the last year. There is a bit of everything in here! My top 15 of 2015:

  1. S’well Water Bottle: This is the best water bottle I have ever purchased. The price tag may be a bit steeper than any other water bottle you can get your hands on, but they are so worth it. I used mine nearly everyday for months at a time and it keeps cold drinks cold for your full day and hot drinks so hot you have to wait hours to be able to actually sip them (learnt that the hard way). The quality of this water bottle means I am going to have it for years to come, so I can definitely justify the price on this one. Not only this, the pattern I chose seems to be a conversation starter. I seriously get asked about this water bottle all the time, from all sorts of people. faveof15.1.jpg
  2. Eminence Organics Cuperose-C: I never thought I would have a product made specifically for this form of rosacea that I have. It has always been something I have been self concious of (more so when I was young) and I went to dermatoligists and doctors and tried everything they recommended to me with no avail. Turns out this product (combined with lots of anti inflammatory foods) have given me the best results of anything I have tried and have given me a little bit more confidence about my bare skin.
  3. Eminence Rosehip Whip Moisturizer: I love the scent of this. I add a bit of rose water when using it as it is a moisturizer made without water and is quite thick. Rosehip is meant to be calming for redness and inflammation and I can attest that it definitely lives up to its claims. As I mentioned  above I have cuperose on my cheeks and this moisturizer was recommended to me by a facialist at Art of Natural Skin Care. I think it’s the perfect pairing wit the eminence serum mentioned above faveof15.3.jpg
  4. Voluspa Candles: I love candles but am picky about the type of wax I am burning and try to be mindful of artifical fragrances and perfumes as well. Voluspa has a few candles that are a coconut based wax that are phthalate free (Read about why you should avoid phthalates here). Added bonus is they smell amazing, are pretty and you can find them almost anywhere.
  5. Kari Gran‘s lip whip. LOVE. This is by far the best lip product I tried not only just for 2015, but maybe of all time. You can’t beat the ingredients, texture and luxuriousness of this product. It’s practically perfect.faveof15.2
  6. Favourite Recipe I made over and over on the Joyous Health blog:
  7. Essential Oils: I use oils by DoTerra, and I use them everyday in just about every capacity. You can buy them and check them out by clicking here.
  8. Saying goodbye to toxic cleaning products and using homemade / natural alternatives instead when I moved into my first home! (Which may constitute as my the most exciting part of 2015 / biggest goal I achieved this past year)
  9. Favourite place traveled was definitely Maui, despite a full week of wind and rain. maui
  10. Lemon and Ginger Tea with Honey: My absolute favourite way to start a day. My mornings always get off on the right foot when I start my day with this tea.
  11. Favourite Day: Nihahi Ridge on possibly one of the hottest days this Summer with two amazing girls nihahi
  12. Favourite Book: Eating Alive faveof15.4
  13. Favourite Vlogger: Toss up between Holistic Habits and Niomi Smart. I always look forward to their videos!
  14. Most reached for cook book: Another toss up between Oh She Glows and Against All Grain. Apparently both of them have new books in the works and I cannot wait!
  15. Calia Shampoo and Conditioner. I first learnt about this brand by Sarah from Holistic Habits. When I saw it at my local grocery store (love that it’s accessible) I picked it up and now I don’t want to use any other natural shampoo or conditioner. I think it’s fairly tricky to find natural hair products that give you results you are used to from commercial brands, but this stuff has me hooked and I am unsure I could find anything more accessible/natural and free of chemicals that give me good results. Watch Sarah of Holistic Habits talk about them here:

What did you love in 2015 that you plan to bring with you throughout 2016?



One thought on “goodbye 2015, hello 2016

  1. One of the things I started doing regularly in 2015 that I plan to take the into 2016 is reading your blog! Taking the tips you offer has lead to better healthy choices for me on many occasions…….thanks & happy 2016!


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