best essential oil diffusing blend

Thus far in 2016 I’ve been meditating daily every evening before bed. This wasn’t a direct goal or resolution of mine for the new year, but I’m definitely attributing my success in being able to keep those items that are my New Years resolution to my new night time ritual. It’s really all connected… a few minutes every night to reset, relax and recharge for the day ahead. I’ve been catching lots of quality sleep immediately after and feel ready to take on the next day bright and early.

meditation 3

My night time routine starts with me diffusing some essential oils to help create a little meditation station in my room. My favourite has been a combination of eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint. In fact, I think every single night so far since I have begun this routine I’ve diffused this combo. I was just messing around with different combinations while I was making bath salts with my Mom and this combo was born. I loved it so much I thought it was worthy of sharing. I love how the lemongrass mimics some of the local yoga studios in my area, and the eucalyptus and peppermint really help all that deep breathing that happens during meditation.


Here’s where I’ve been finding a quick 5-12 minute meditation every night:


I’ve loved the results of my last 15 minutes before bed so much that now I genuinely look forward to the evening whereas before, night time always caused me a lot of anxiety because I would dread laying in bed often for hours at a time not being able to fall asleep. Now I am falling asleep quickly and only waking up once or twice a night, which is huge for me.

Have you tried meditation? What’s your thoughts on it?


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