easy ways to get variety in your diet

I have a lovely little collection of cook books and I love pouring over them and getting inspired by all the amazing, creative dishes the authors/chefs have created.


One of the best ways for me to get out of my head and ground myself after a long day is to get home and whip up something delicious and nutritious. Not only am I clearing my head and shifting my focus, I am treating myself to yummy food that is nourishing and I deem as an act of self love. Being in the kitchen for me is kind of like food for the soul and food to well… eat. Obviously. Somehow despite all the wonderful cookbooks and blogs and my own creative ability, more often than not I work through the same rotation of recipes. I want to start making better use and getting more creative in the kitchen so I have decided I am going to aim for picking one new recipe a week to give a try.

On top of being a little boost for extra creativity, variety in our diets is key to ensuring we are getting the full gamete of nutrients needed for optimal health. I read in a book recently that on average people usually rotate through the same 15 core food items and I think that’s totally true, we are all creatures of habit and stick to what we know we like more often than not. I want to start thinking outside the box a bit more and not only challenge myself a little bit when it comes to cooking (which will allow me to shift my focus outside of my own head even more) but also ensure I am switching it up and getting a wider variance of nourishing foods. To me homemade food takes mindful eating to the next level. It really allows for a deep appreciation, your food becomes the result of your hard work and time. There’s a deeper sense of connection when you are hands on with your food and I LOVE that aspect of cooking. Sometimes cooking feels like a pain and a big chore even to me as someone who generally really loves it, but there’s a certain fulfillment that comes from putting in the time and effort to create something beautiful, healthy and delicious.

Another easy way to include variance in your diet is to share dinner with friends! Their go to meals and your go to meals will often differ from each others, and it’s a fun way to connect and deviate from your norm. We all know that food is best when shared with someone you love!

Are you someone who cooks? Share your go to meals in the comments and inspire someone else to try something new!


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