will travel for food: Victoria

I recently got back from Victoria on Vancouver Island where I spent a few days with a good friend of mine. Every time I’m in Victoria I fall in love with it a little bit more. I absolutely love how lush and green everything is and of course that there is an abundance of cute places to grab amazing, nutritious food! Vacation or not I still like to maintain a healthy diet and it’s much more fun when you have plenty of places that deliver on both flavour and health. Eating well is by no means any sort of punishment and I don’t feel like I ever need a break from it the way that some people may justify their vacation diet. To each their own, but personally I love eating well and as such my vacation diet tends to not deviate too much from what I would eat on a regular basis.

Victoria seems to be a bit more progressive than the city I am from when it comes to healthy lifestyles and we definitely took advantage of getting our fill from their plentiful restaurant and cafe options and fortunately we didn’t even make it through them all so there is plenty of reason to go back.

Here are some of the places we indulged in during our trip. If you find yourself in Victoria, make it a point to stop in at one (or all!) of these places!


Cafe Bliss was the perfect little stop downtown to grab a yummy bowl, drink or treat. We stopped in here twice and I even grabbed something for the plane ride home the night before we left. I’m still craving their food!


So we may have gone to Be Love 3 times in just over 24 hours. No shame, it’s that good. We both fell in love with their Shawarma which is picture at the top of the above photo. Although it hardly resembles a traditional shawarma, both of us kept craving it over and over again and I had to resist the urge to order it multiple times because I wanted to keep trying something new. One of the first things when I did when I got home was dash to the grocery store to try to come up with something that had a similar feel to it as the yam Shawarma and despite it being totally different in flavours and ingredients, it was a winner and I think we even had it twice in one week. I love that I left this trip feeling inspired to get home and try something new.

Jusu Bar: There are a few locations of Jusu Bar around Victoria. We walked over to the Oak  Bay location and thought we were just grabbing a quick drink on our walk. We both spontaneously ended up getting their Classic Tacos and despite us walking in with zero expectations, we both agreed that they may have just been the yummiest thing we had all trip. The shell of the taco was made from leftover beet pulp from making the juice which was so cool! I loved that they had found a use for the leftover bits from juicing.

Nourish Restaurant and Cafe:


This place was recommended to us by a friend/my friends sister (Thanks Krista Bear) and I’m so glad we deviated from Be Love for our last breakfast outing to try it out. I loved this atmosphere this place had. It was super quaint and the perfect cozy spot for an overcast morning.


They had lots of yummy drink options that deviated from the normal latte and teas regularly served, including this delicious drink called Imperial Sunrise which had turmeric, herbal chai tea, steamed almond milk and honey. I definitely need to try to recreate this one at home.


If you don’t have time to pop in for an actual meal, you can still grab a drink to go from their cafe side. They have plenty of cool take away items including their in house dairy-free hollandaise and their homemade water kefir.


I love that all of these places offer not only healthy food but are extremely accommodating for people with different food preferences, sensitivities and allergies. It’s always nice to go somewhere where everyone can enjoy the food and doesn’t feel like a pain in the servers butt by having to try and make special requests whilst ordering so they can enjoy the food.

I am always keeping a running list of all a bunch of must try restaurants no matter where they are, so I have to know: What’s your favourite spot to grab a meal that delivers on both flavour and health?


2 thoughts on “will travel for food: Victoria

  1. My favourite spot to eat delicious healthy food is dinner at my daughter’s house. Not a Cafe or a place just anyone can go but the BEST food. I think maybe she does try to replicate dishes she’s had at her favourite spots when she dines out.


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