DIY Bath Bombs

Bath time is practically sacred to me. It’s a part of my night routine nearly every single night and pretty much always has been. They’re my favourite place to go to and relax and wrap up my day. I love the satisfaction that comes with dropping a bath bomb into the water just before I slip in. It’s so satisfying to see the fizziness and what’s even better is that my bath is then transformed into something that feels just slightly more spa like.


Of course I realize there are plenty of DIY Bath Bombs already on the internet, but this rendition turned out so well I figured it was worth sharing anyway. I’ve made bath bombs enough times now and experimented with a few different recipes and this one has definitely turned out to be my favourite. I amped up the ingredients a bit because I wanted these to be a bit more luxurious. If you’re after something with simpler ingredients, I am sure there are plenty of options for those floating around the internet too!

Unlike store bought bath bombs, my homemade version have no synthetic fragrances, dyes or other unnecessary chemical additions. I also wanted them to hold together well so I opted for the addition of a bit of shea butter and coconut oil which solidifies at room temperature. They also doubles as incredible moisturizers for the skin. The ingredients are all carefully selected to be nourishing for the skin and body and they are a little more friendly on my wallet than grabbing them at the store. They may not be as vivid or sparkly but I would trade those elements anytime for this DIY version.

These can be a bit tedious to make at first as you have to have the proper ratio between wet and dry ingredients. The goal is to have the mixture moist enough that it sticks together, but dry enough that the fizzing effect of the citric acid and baking soda isn’t triggered by the addition of the wet ingredients.

1 cup of baking soda
1/2 cup of citric acid
1/2 cup of sea salt or epsom salts
1/4 cup of oats, blended into a fine powder
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
2 teaspoons of shea butter
1 teaspoon of french pink clay
Essential oils of choice – I used a combo bergamot and wild orange
Spray bottle with neroli hydrosol (you can definitely use water, but as I mentioned above I wanted these to be extra luxurious) Hydrosol = fancy word for flower water
Dried flowers to decorate the top (optional)
Mould to form the bath bombs in – I use half of a christmas ball ornament



Mix together all of the dry ingredients. Melt the shea butter or coconut oil until they are fully liquid. Carefully pour over the oil, making sure not to saturate one area too much. Using a fork, work the oil throughout the entire mixture. Add in the essential oils of your choice. I added between 5-10 drops of each of the two oils, scattering the drops across the mixture. Again, use the fork to work the essential oils into the mixture. Your ingredients should start to take on the consistency and feel of damp sand. The goal is for the mixture to be able to hold its shape when formed. Using the spray bottle, mist the mixture with the hydosol (or water) a couple of sprays at a time and then mix it through. Again, try not to saturate the mixture too much or it will trigger the fizzing effect that we are trying to save for the tub! Keep spraying until your mix holds together. With my fine misting spray bottle, I sprayed around 5-6 times before I felt happy with the consistency.


Once you have the proper consistency, press the ingredients into your mould. (If you are adding dried flowers or something similar, place these in the mould first) I really took my time with this to ensure I was packing the tightly so they wouldn’t crumble once they were removed from the mould. Carefully turn over the mould. Place on a baking tray or something similar to allow to dry. I like to place mine in the fridge to help speed up this process. (Note some bath bombs will work better if you allow the bath bomb to dry in the mould. This is dependent on what type of mould you are using)


After they have set and have dried, they are ready to use! I should mention now because it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t that, like any bath bomb these can leave your bathtub a bit messy. The mess is easily cleaned up though and I personally think the trade off a relaxing bath worth the extra 30 seconds it takes to quickly wipe my bath down afterwards.


The nice part of making something like this yourself is that once you get the basic idea and formula down, you can begin to experiment with it and put your own twist on it like I’ve done. I love coming up with different combinations and working with different ingredients.

What’s your favourite night time relaxing ritual?




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