Local Treasure: Soma Spa

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I like to treat myself to a trip to the spa.

photo courtesy of Soma website

I try to prioritize self care because I’ve truly learnt through experience that when I take care of myself I’m better able to be the best version of myself in all other aspects on my life. It makes total sense but it’s easier said than done, which is why occasionally that self care actually needs to be scheduled somewhere, whether it’s a spa or elsewhere so you make yourself go. Really, the spa never feels like a chore but somehow carving time out in your day for just yourself can somehow get bumped off over and over and next thing you know your totally burnt out.

In most areas of my life, I always aim to be really mindful of the decisions I’m making. Whether it’s what I’m eating, the skincare products I’m using, I like to feel good about where I’m putting my money and most importantly what I’m putting in my body. The spa is no exception for me. If I’m going to treat myself I want to do so feeling confident about the business I’m supporting and the product they are using on me.

I stumbled across Soma on Instagram in 2013 and they have been on my radar ever since. Not only do they have a selection of clean products they use for many of their treatments, the products they use are also from a small business made locally (bonus). If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I’m a big supporter of small businesses.

photo courtesy of Soma website

Of course while those are all positives, what it really comes down to is the actual spa itself and the treatments they offer.

Soma is the only spa in Calgary that offers a hammam treatment which is a traditional Turkish full body treatment that includes a full body cleanse, exfoliation (with sea salt sourced from Vancouver Island!), relaxing moisturizing massage, and last be certainly not least a scalp massage and hair treatment. They’ve put a modern twist on it and the treatment takes place on a heated marble slab to help support circulation. In the past I’ve played it safe and pretty much have only ever had massages so right from the time that I learnt of the hammam treatment it was officially added to my to-do list. Back in 2011 I travelled to Turkey and I loved that trip so much that I think that fact that it is a traditional Turkish treatment piqued my interest that much more.


I had the treatment a week ago and my skin still feels smooth and moisturized

I love knowing that when I need a bit of extra TLC, I have a place nearby that delivers on amazing treatments, relaxing atmosphere, caring staff and supports the community and local businesses.

What’s your favourite self care practice?


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