2016 Highlights

With another year coming to a close, it only seemed right to reflect on some of the moments that helped make 2016 the year that it was. If I had to sum up this year in three words, they would be challenging, motivating and GROWTH. I spent a lot of time reflecting on who I am as a person, who I want to be and what I want my life to be and this took me on a journey of self discovery and as this year wraps up, if anything I think I’ve gotten to know myself on a deeper level than I ever have which is a deeply satisfying feeling. This year brought with it lots of ups and downs as any period of time does but here are some of my happiest moments to reflect back on:

10.  Getting outside and summiting mountains with friends


9. The perfect best friend trip to Victoria, BC


8. Road Trip to Whistler, BC for The Wanderlust Festival


7. Nutrition Lectures for Wymbin Teacher Trainees


6. Exploring new cities in Italy


5. Connecting with (nearly) all my friends in one spot for Christmas Brunch


4. Spontaneous trips to Vancouver with Dan


3. Sunrise hikes


2. My first solo trip to London, UK


1. Connecting with new, amazing people and being a part of an amazing community made possible through this blog and social media!


Happy 2017 everyone! I hope your year is already off to an amazing start xx


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