My Skincare Philosophy

Your skin is a good indicator of what’s going on internally, so what is your skin telling you?

Just like anyone else, I’m certainly no exception when it comes to breakouts. This seems to be a more prevalent issue as I get older and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience a lot of frustration and that my confidence didn’t take a hit when this happens. I’m sure I’m not alone in this!


What if we switched the perspective we have on breakouts? What if we chose to see it as a sign of what’s going on internally, and an opportunity to address it?

When I find myself with a breakout, here are the typical questions that I pause and reflect on. Breakouts are anything but fun, but they do allow us an to learn more about ourselves on a deeper level. Our skin is truly doing us a service by letting us know that something is up! A breakout is a sign there is some sort of imbalance going on and it’s up to us to listen to what we’re being told and address the root issue before it develops into something further.

How’s my water intake? •  What foods have I been using to fuel my body? • Have I been exercising lately? • What kind of products am I using on my skin and in my home on a day to day basis? • How are my stress levels? • What time of month is it for me? Is there a hormonal imbalance at play?

I’m certainly not suggesting that everything can be solved with reflecting on a few simple questions, but oftentimes when I stop and ask myself these questions, I realize something has slipped. I am totally guilty of getting caught up at work and realizing at 5 pm that I haven’t had a sip of water, a bite to eat, and I’ve barely moved from my desk for most of my day. HELLO hormonal rollercoaster and stagnant lymphatic system.

The study of nutrition at its core is the recognition of the interconnectedness of our body’s systems. More and more we are starting to realize that no system works in isolation and we have to work today harmony between all systems. Mental health lately is getting a ton of attention about this. Why do we treat our skin like its a separate entity than the rest of our body? Balancing our hormones, a health whole foods diet, avoiding inflammatory foods, taking notice and care of food sensitivities and supporting healthy detox pathways in our body will be reflected with glowing skin! It takes trial and error, time and persistence but eventually our efforts will be reflected. If not, I really believe there is still some work to do.

All of this is not to say that we can ignore a healthy skincare routine. I really love taking care of my skin, especially after diving into the world of clean and natural skincare products. My Aunt stressed to my cousins and I the importance of a good skincare routine at a young age and I will truthfully say from then on it would be sacrilegious for me to end my night without first looking after my skin.

Finding the right products takes time and is ever evolving as our skin and needs change, but what I will stress the importance of is selecting products with carefully curated ingredients that don’t compromise the state of our health internally. There is so little regulation in the beauty and skincare industry so as consumers we have to stay well informed of the ingredients we are choosing to apply directly to our body’s largest organ. 

My whole philsophy stems from lifestyle and diet first, and products second. Of course there is no one size fits all approach to skincare, but for the sake of sharing stay tuned for my favourite skincare products and my current routine!

Till then, I would love to hear your number one skincare tip!



2 thoughts on “My Skincare Philosophy

  1. well written and informative, makes sense that we eat healthy and uses the right natural products on our skin!


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